November 30, 2012


This friday night was spent in the city of Malmo with my boyfriend and my sister. The thought was that we were going to attend an event at G-Star but when they let us know there was no boys allowed we could simply not leave my lovely boyfriend. My sister and I were invited while buying makeup a few days earlier, and they probably didn't bother telling us that this was an "only girls" event. Why should they have? It was just me and my sister. But silly me wanted Isak to come with us, oh what a shame. We ended up eating a Pizza Hut instead - can't complain about that.

While walking up a street it was snowing and it looked all pretty, so we stopped to take a few pictures. Emelie tried taking a photo of me and Isak with the lights in the background.. After ten unsharp pictures and two sharp ones, we gave up.

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