December 4, 2012


On Saturday my dad came in with this package from the post office who probably left it outside because we weren't home on Friday. The package was my first order from iHerb! I ordered four products from the Avalon Organics Vitamin C range. I watched a youtube video where the cleasing milk was mentioned and I thought it seemed interesting so I began looking the brand up. Ended up ordering two Cleasing Milk and two Renewal Cream - I'm keeping one of each for me and giving the two others as a Christmas gift for my sister.

The products are 70% organic which can only be good. I am looking forward to trying these products to see if they will do anything positive for my skin. Hopefully, my skin could really need a boost. The products smell like oranges - I like it and i think it smells fresh. But I've heard some people complaining about the scent. 

All in all I can't wait to try out these products - I have high hopes!

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